We’ve all seen snapshots of the scene in Soylent Green where Leigh Taylor-Young is playing Computer Space at the beginning of the film. Click below to watch the clip. It may seem short but this is really all there is to the scene.

Here is a short clip from an interview with Nolan Bushnell himself where he talks about the early days of Computer Space. This is extracted from a longer series of interviews on the Atari's Greatest Hits CD. There are several versions of this collection, most of which contain these interviews. I highly recommend the collection.

Everyone has wondered what the gameplay really looks like (including myself until I got my machine). Here is a short clip showing regular play plus a couple of close up videos.

If desired, an “extended play” mode can be enabled where the ships enter a kind of hyperspace inverted world. Here’s some footage of the transition from normal space to hyperspace. The hyperspace mode is not exactly an inversion, this is a crude graphic to show what happens to the stars and ships.

And a strange fact regarding the early computational capabilites of Computer Space is that the game did not work in standard decimal values. It actually ran hexadecimal. The score for the player actually went to 15 before returning to 0 and since the machine could not display hexadecimal values, odd looking characters would appear.

SN30619 at the Philadelphia Classic gaming convention "Philly Classic 3" from 2002

There are even more videos available in the Computer Space in the in the media page.