I took a look at your website.  What a tribute to that game!  I will make sure he sees it.

Nancy (wife of Nolan Bushnell)


I actually have 2 blue ones, 2 green, 2 red, and 1 yellow one. (multiples so I can keep them working). Half of them have serial # tags as I remember...the other half are missing them. Off hand, I don't remember any real logic to the serial #s...

I saw the red one you purchased on eBay. It looked like a nice machine.

You can see some of my machines lined up:

The site looks good... you've been busy....

Greg McLemore, Chief 'Arcadeologist' of www.klov.com


This is Dan from the Arcade Flyer Archive. Just wanted to pass a note saying that I'm really impressed with your site. It was a good call that you recognized the need for a site dedicated to the very first coin-op video game ever! I noticed that you even have a link to TAFA showing our hi-res scan of the flyer. Did you know that we have three  different flyers posted?




Someone directed me to your site, fantastic!!! What I am going to do is this week, make an update in my coin-op/arcade section on atarimuseum.com and in the Computer Space section, I'll place a link to your website for those looking to further explorer the wonderful history of Computer Space.


I recall seeing a metal-flake gold computer space that I believe was converted into a Pac-Man machine. This was back in 1991 when I was working at the New Jersey shore, Wildwood to be exact. There was an arcade at the front of Sportland Pier that had the machine. Incidentally, the guy who owned the arcade was this cheap old man who thought that everything he had was worth a fortune. He had a warehouse on the back of the pier filled with old game machines, including pinballs, and old-time mechanical baseball games with the little steel balls. I was only in the warehouse once. This was after some vandals broke in and smashed a bunch of the pinball machines. It made my head spin. Oh, if I could just go back in time with about 10,000. The problem is that the guy probably wouldn't have sold anything. He'd rather have them sit and rot in the NJ salt air than sell them for a reasonable price.
Anyway. Enough babbling. Nice site.