This red Computer Space was sold on eBay in April of 2006. Interestingly the seller had it with a "Buy It Now" price of $3,600 and the unit sold within a day or two of being posted at that price. The machine is the fifth Computer Space he owned and sadly, he had to give this one up for room.

The TV has a good warm up period (less than 30 seconds according to the description) and the cabinet was recoated by a professional car paint shop. The seller mentions it cost $1,200 to have the cabinet recoated this way which sounds accurate to the similar recoat Archer MacLean did to his blue unit a few years ago.

Apparently the control panel for this machine is missign its lock-down clasps so it can be lifted out quite easily but that is not something obvious to most players. Also, the seller says the original coin mech was missing so he had a "Free Play" button installed.

Alas the seller tells me that although the serial number plate is still on the back of the machine, the serial number itself was scratched out so this unit is being added to my database without an accurate serial number listing. Still, it is a beautiful machine.