SN9744 was originally purchased by its present owner thirty years ago from a warehouse in California where four of the classic machines were stored in varying colors and states of operation. The owner, Matt Householder bought his for around $400 and says it sat all this time unrepaired until just recently. Being a Computer Engineer from the University of Michigan as well as a well known game developer, he advises he was inspired by the repair work done by Ed Fries and so set to work on making his unit functional again.

A little about Matt:

•His first game was the coin-op Krull manufactured by Gottlieb in 1983.
•His first hit game was California Games for C64, Apple ][, etc. in 1987.
•The most famous game he worked on was Diablo II where I wrote most of the game dialog and created the "!" NPC quest flag -- later made ubiquitous in World of Warcraft.
•His most recent games are: Kitchen Scramble and GABBLE on Facebook.
•He has a new word game "WORD NERD" coming out soon on Facebook.
•He also has a Robotron: 2084 and a Congo Bongo coin-op.

In replacing the various chips inside, he says he located a Texas amusements tax sticker so clearly this machine has travelled far across the US.

Here are a number of photos of the Computer Space in varyting states of repair as well as a video of the screen coming back to life at the bottom.