ADDENDUM SN9657 was sold 9 years ago from Matthew to a new owner called Richard who recently contacted me. He advises the cabinet has been respraued and he will soon be fitting it with some NOS (new old stock) parts to restore it. Here is a recent picture. (click thumbnail to open larger version)

SN9657 was sold on eBay early in 2005.

The owner, Matthew Murray, says when he recieved the machine it was not working. However, he took it to a repair shop where the technician replaced every chip on the PCB and now the unit functions perfectly. (One of the benefits of so simple a design as Computer Space's circuits means repairs should be fairly easy to accomplish).

UPDATE 2006: I received an email from Jason Forster, the original owner of this unit. He sent me a few extra pictures of this machine and asked his name be creditted for taking them.