SN9628 is a machine I have been tracking for years, previously listed under this link. However a traveller to Japan recently visited the store in question, found its serial number, and detailed as much as he could about the machine, the store, and the price tag. A huge thanks goes out to Dr. Andrew Grey for the following details and pictures.

I've just gotten home from a vacation in Japan, and no vacation would be complete without a bit of a Computer Space pilgrimage! Yes, I went to Spiral in the Trip to have a closer look at the blue model they have. After finding the store closed about 5 times I finally made it in there, only minutes before departing the country. I can tell you that the serial number is... wait for it... 9628! I had a bit of a chat with the shop owner, he told me that he believed that the machine served its original life in New York (unsure if NYC or state), and was knocked around a bit, but in more recent times was cosmetically refurbished in California. It was then transported to Japan where it received refurbishment to its electronics. I can tell you that the fibreglass looks to be in exceptionally good condition. The control panel is in very good condition too. The owner was unaware of the existence of the counter inside (I didn't try to check; the machine was against a wall). The serial number plate is actually fully detached and in a plastic envelope resting on the front of the machine, together with a small version of the CS advertising poster. The fact that the plate is detached might mean that the wooden back is damaged or missing. The machine is FOR SALE! The asking price is 980,000 yen (= USD$12,394). The owner acknowledged that the price was high, but pointed out that it was a scarce item in Japan. He was aware of a red machine in existence elsewhere in Japan but couldn't give details.

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