SN9619 was originally listed as SN946 but that error in serial number has now been verified and is corrected here.

This is the yellow unit belonging to Curt Vendell, the pre-eminent Atari guru. Curt has the largest collection of Atari hardware I've ever seen! His site, is a very impressive site with all kinds of info for Atari enthusiasts.

The reason the Computer Space is in the background of the first image is that the site was detailing Curt's restoration of an original Pong machine (nice work, Curt!).

The other pictures show the "Banana," as Curt's wife likes to call it, being loaded carefully into the truck to begin its trip to the GameOn Exhibit and also the machine set up at the show. (By the way, the blue machine next to Curt's belongs to Archer McLean who did a complete restoration on his machine when it first arrived. Check my Links section for details).

Oh and by the way, these are not pictures of Curt himself, this is a visitor who managed to get his picture taken with the Banana's guts open.

And I don't really know what these guys are doing, maybe posing for a sci-fi movie poster or something?

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