SN9091 is nicknamed "Rogue"

The owner has quite an amazing story to tell regarding its discovery. He was heading home one night by foot and passed a garage with obvious sounds of smashing coming from within. Leaning in to investigate, he saw two young guys who he describes as "punkers" breaking things, most significantly this red Computer Space! In a valiant move, he threw himself on the antique cabinet and begged the demolishers to stop. He received a few punches himself before they let up but they did eventually wait long enough to hear what he had to say.

After a couple of drinks, the youngsters were 'convinced' to give up the Computer Space but they would only do so if they were given something else cool to smash. Hurrying home, the soon-to-be owner found whatever he could that might fit the bill: a toaster oven, an alarm clock, and two dead TV's. The two youths seemed unimpressed but when a punk jacket was thrown in to the deal as well, they conceeded.

The owner carefully wheeled the battered cabinet home (12 blocks away) in dilapidated baby-stroller and once there, he found he had to remove a window screen in order to hoist the machine into his place.

Damage Report: two fist-size holes in the lower right side, the hinges on the back door need to be replaced, and the control panel needs a good scrub. Not too bad, all things considered.

The owner will send pictures when he has a chance. He also plans to fill the holes and then have the cabinet refinished in his friend's autobody shop. This can be successfully done as the machine belonging to Archer MacLean was similarly recoated.