SN9006 sold on eBay in November, 2008
It was purchased by the same owner of the white SN9003 who also runs the Killer List of Video Games (KLOV) website. Clearly this collector wants to get the earliest machines he can get his hands on.

SN9006 was owned by members of a family who were amoung the first distributors of Computer Space because they were Nutting Computer Quiz franchizors. The original write up on eBay described the seller's relationship with Nutting Associates well:

My dad was working with Bill Nutting at the time this machine came out. I at the age of 17 met Nolan Bushnell and went to the factory where these were built. I talked with Bill Nutting about 10 years ago, and he told me personally that the very first 5 machines they had to give away to distributors around the country. My dad being on the ground floor started a game route and the very first one was placed on Location at the San Jose Airport. This is the first one place on location #9006 to test it out and to see how the general public took to this new idea in the arcade business. This is why the presentation of this cup was taken with this machine. It is a piece of History to say the least.. I have for you an original Computer Space Instructions and the original Sales brochure .I also have a picture (copy) of my dad standing in front of this Computer Space with Bill Nutting & Bob Portale (Automatic Sales) presenting Bob a trophy for being the top seller in the nation of this game.This game is still WORKING after all of these years.It is hard to believe that it still has all of its original parts ( I have taken pictures for you to view)..The cabinet is that special fiberglass look. It does have some issues from being on location, and by the way the last location it was at was the Disneyland Hotel down here in Souther California.We had about 25 of these on location, and then BOOM Pong came out and the video game industry exploded..If you want the real story on why Nolan Left Nutting, you can call me at 949 489-0891.Back in the 70,s everyone smoked a cigarette. So this has that burn mark on the dip of the cabinet, some scratches along the bottom, and one on the top. My brother who is a surfer and works with fiberglass, said that most of that should be buffed out with the right compound material. To tell you the truth I kind of like seeing the burn marks, because it tells you how it was back in the 70,s. It ads the the authenticity of the unit in a time that America was coming into a new age.I almost forgot to tell yo in cleaning this out along the bottom edge I found an old 1964 Silver Quarter. one of the first placed in a video game..I have taken the time and extra expense to take 12 pictures for you to view what we have. This extra effort is for all the bidders to view what we have and the condition.

The new owner is hoping to compile as much information as he can gather from these good people and update me so I can post more here.

In the meantime, enjoy photos of yet another early unit, possibly one of the first blue speckled Computer Spaces in existence.