SN30416 was in Seattle, Washington until just recently.

This machine belonged to a fellow in Seattle by the name of Liberty. He owned the machine for approximately a decade and informed me it was one of his prized possessions. Alas, due to recent financial issues, he was forced to part with this fully working 2-player machine. The television was removed and kept in dry storage. While some might think this means the television is defective, it turned out that the owner was concerned about moisture in the storage unit fogging up the screen so it was quite a good idea to keep it safe.

Originally Liberty mentioned he was going to sell this machine for an agreed price but when another collector offered him twice that amount, he simply had to go with the higher bid. Liberty told me he felt really bad about the first sale but he did refund the buyer the amount and said it really came down to finances. The higher bid (and it was a considerable amount!) won in the end.

On March 30, Liberty took the following pictures of this beautiful unit (which has only had 840 plays!) before carefully wrapping it up for the shipping company and seeing it depart.