SN10500 is one of two machines bought in June 2008 bought together for the total sum of $1,800.
The buyer answered an ad for two computer Space machines that was almost a month old with the simple question, "Do you still have these?" He states he could not believe that he not only received a reply but the answer was yes. Two weeks later, after several phone calls and waiting for pictures, not to mention 300 miles driving each way, they are now safe in his garage in Ohio. Both machines work, play great, sound great, and the insides look brand new.

Interestingly, there is a good chance this red unit might very well be the last one ever built.
This is based on the fact 1500 single-player units were ever made and for whatever reason Syzygy decided to start the serial number scheme at 9000. Ergo that would make Serial Number 10500 the 1500th unit.