SN10469 belongs to a lucky young guy in my home town.
By a stroke of luck, he saw an ad in the local Buy and Sell paper for "three arcade machines" for sale. Calling up the seller, he was intrigued to hear the machines in question were a Space Invaders and two Computer Quiz games. When he got there, however, he was delighted to find that it was not a Space Invaders, but a Computer Space! And in perfect condition! Imagine the odds of finding three Nutting Associates games all together!

Apparantly the owner had bought the Computer Space from a pub back in 1980, played it a few times and left it in his basement, unused. When opened, it was found that only 2085 plays were registered on the counter. This is like every collector's dream! And the seller agreed on a very low price.

As you can see by the lower pictures, the lucky new owner has decided to keep his treasure in storage. Have a peek and you'll see it is in good company (I can spot an Atari 2600, an Apple IIe, and at least a manual for a Commodore Vic20 if not the actual machine).

If you want to look at the other items the owner has, his website is