SN10290 was a recent purchase by Bruno of

The machine was located in the United Kingdom and Bruno made the long perilous journey from Belgium to the UK in order to buy the machine from its previous owner Simon. The complete voyage is fully documented here. What's even more impressive about the trip is how Bruno and his wife stopped off somewhere for dinner, leaving the valuable cabinet in the back of the car, albeit wrapped up in a disguise (and looking a bit like E.T.).

Bruno advises the machine is fully working and has posted pictures of the screen fired up (on a 220 - 110 stepdown voltage converter). A video may be added later.

The owner has actually made a video of his collections from the U.K. over the various trips he has made and posted it on YouTube. Half-way through (around the 2 minute mark) you will see SN10290. Appropriate choice of music for the scene!

NEW: Computer Space meets Retrospace. As mentioned on the Poster Girl page, a Dutch firm has made their own cabinet for home gaming called Retrospace and as you can see from the picture for their cabinet, they were heavily inspired by the original poster for Computer Space.

Now, the owner of SN10290 advises that Lara, the model who posed for this picture, has met his Computer space machine and, of course, he asked her to strike the famous pose once more. The entire story can be read on the owner's site here.