UPDATE: This unit was listed on eBay for $6500. Luckily photographs were on the auction so they have been added below and the generic image removed. The new owner did not purchase the machine from Pete the Plumber for that price, he says he got it "for much less than that" but he is extremely happy with the game. He says the machine works perfectly and is in almost mint cosmetic shape. No cigarette burns. Plexy screen is scratch free. All lights work. Control panel has just a couple minor scratches.

(old info) SN10207 has recently surfaced, belonging to its current owner Pete the Plumber for the past 25 years.
The game has been stored in the basement all this time and although not currently functional, Pete says it is in good shape. Apparently one of the fuses on the back door area is missing. The owner reports he even tried calling Nolan Bushnell himself but Nolan's assistant would not patch him through on the phone.