SN10061 is the second least expensive unit discovered so far, costing the owner a mere $125 and it was in good working order! It was purchased from the Sultan's Castle arcade in Springfield, OH back in the late 70's.

The owner informs that during the Northridge earthquake in southern California (his current home) in January 1994, everything in the house, including the Computer Space game, ended up on the ground. Fortunately, very little was actually damaged. Unfortunately, the circuit board of the GE TV in the Computer Space game cracked in two! If the set hadn't been missing the back, this may not have happened.

The owner then went about finding a replacement GE television set. When he finally secured one through eBay he discovered it was smaller than the unit used in Computer Space. Luckily the circuitboard was the same size as his cracked original and so he was able to repair the machine.