Noughts and Crosses Simulator


To run Noughts and Crosses, first click here to download and install the EDSAC simulator.

Once installed, run EdsacPC.exe and the following interface will appear. NOTE: there is also a menu system at the top of the window, not just the main graphic in the center.




















Using the TOP menu, click File and then Open. You need to double-click the Demonstration Programs folder and then double-click OXO.txt




Alexander Douglas'es original EDSAC code will appear in a small box on the screen.




Now click Start on the main EDSAC graphic and you will see the program actually loading into the machine's memory. Small green lights will flicker on the display to indicate the pieces of information being stored.





Once loaded, the white area will indicate it is waiting for Player 1 to choose if he wants to be X or O by prompting you to dial a 0 or a 1.




Click on the graphic of the rotary dial to select, 0 = O or 1 = X. You will then be asked where you want to place your O or X. Use the rotary dial again to choose from box 1 to 9. NOTE: the alignment of the boxes is the mirror image as well as vertically flipped version of your computer number pad.








Make your selections against the computer and watch the very first video-style game unfold.




EDSAC simulator and code originally from this website.