Heck of a Hack



Mike of Mechanical Arcade sent in pictures and a video of a modification he completed for a 2 Player Computer Space unit. His previous MAME machine had lost its luster and so he decided to swap out the parts of a Computer Space and put inside a massive gaming library.

Hence the funny cartoon.











While many may argue the merits and rationale of modifying a classic cabinet to house a MAME machine, it is not my place to point fingers as I, too, have hacked a gaming machine, a Tron no less, into a MAME machine.

If nothing else, this machine of Mike's is an amazing work and the details listed on his site show the level of workmanship that went into this project.

Fortunately, he retains all the original pieces, so if the desire to restore this Computer Space to its original state arises, Mike can do so.