This Computer Space was purchased in 2013. It is in very nice condition and is fully functional with only a few minor scuffs along the base of the cabinet. It was purchased from an owner in California who said the serial number tag was missing when he acquired it from a reseller many year ago. It now resides just outside of Austin,Texas

To assist in seeing if the serial number for this machine might be locatable somewhere else on the machine, we contacted Ted Dabey for his insight. Ted was very gracious to reply back, although he did not have good news.

All the Computer Spaces I know about, only had the serial number on the back plate. We didn't build any of them, it was all Nutting. There were a few rip-offs that came later. It is remotely possible that he has one of the first prototypes that had no serial number

So this machine will be merely labelled as an enigma but joins the list of surviving machines to this day.