Barn Find



Imagine finding a Computer Space. Imagine finding a Computer Space outdoors in the wild. Now, imagine finding two Computer Spaces side by side in the wild. Literally the wild.

This is what happened in the summer of 2008 to a forum member of the Killer List of Video Games.





Were it not for the photographic and video evidence, most collectors would never believe this story, yet here it is.

As to who owned the machines in this barn, why they were being kept in a barn, why the barn went into disrepair, where it is located, etc.very little is known.

Here are the first images taken by the new owner's cell phone camera.














Click on a thumbnail to see the full versions of the images below showing these machines as they were discovered.



Below is a video showing the new owner carefully rescuing these machines.




The full story can be read here.

This Photobucket page shows more images but some have been listed below. Click on a thumbnail to see the larger version.